Christmas is traditionally perceived as a time of giving and spreading goodwill. Let’s make it real.
Due to the pandemic and economic slowdown, the times are particularly difficult thus we have decided that this year the equivalent of the price of gifts for you – our dearest clients and partners – will constitute a symbolic donation to those in need.

The donation was made to Foundation NASZ DOM (Court no. 0000336186), operating at the Nursing Home in Chełmno which we know for its truly valuable activities. This is a permanent residence for people with intellectual disabilities inhabited by 146 people. We know that our help will go directly to them.

Thank you letter received from the Foundation.


The Nursing Home in Chełmno is one of the few institutions that integrates people of different ages, physically and intellectually disabled, who learn tolerance and understanding by getting to know each other. Many adults residents with great joy devote their time to children, read books to them, tell fairy tales, surround them with love and warmth. Children who often do not have contact with their families, grandparents learn to coexist with the elderly, and thus pro-social mindsets are shaped.


Children and adolescents staying at the House in Chełmno learn by participating in various activities customised to their age and disability. They may participate in either group or individual programs such as the Revalidation and Educational or Therapeutic Teams or in the Educational The tuition is conducted by qualified teachers from the Special Educational and Educational Center.


They encourage residents to pursue their interests and to spend their free time in an active and attractive way. This is done by qualified therapists as well as other members of the Therapeutic and Care Team. Occupational therapy is multidirectional, they have a chance to “exercise themselves”. All these activities are determined by an individual’s condition.

Residents participate in all kinds of activities, such as art, music with elements of dance, theatre, as well as those dedicated to the improvement of self-service activities or relaxation therapy. All sorts of games are common practice. Often they get involved with activities enabling contacts and integration with the local community. There are different events organized in-house but residents also take part in trips, sports competitions, and artistic performances. There is a library point in, and thanks to close cooperation with the Public Library, the book collection is constantly enriched.


Due to the occurrence of physical dysfunctions as well as deformations and distortions within the entire skeletal system, many rehabilitation treatments are carried out daily: massages, general conditioning, passive, active exercises, hydro massage, as well as walking lessons. To provide the broadest possible physical and mental treatments, the “SNOEZELEN” Experience Rooms have been established and equipped. Such rooms are used to activate motor skills and stimulate the senses.


Self-governance plays an important role for most residents. They discuss current affairs, resolve conflicts and plan future events. Such self-governance meetings allow for the democratization of life, maintaining and developing the ability to cope with difficulties and disabilities. They give the residents a sense of agency.


Relationships with the local community are also important. Kids from local schools and kindergartens are frequent guests. They play together with disabled children. Such contacts are mutually beneficial – they teach tolerance for otherness, develop empathy and care for others.


We hope that this short description has made you understand why we have chosen to support these people.

On their behalf, we thank you for your support and for accepting our initiative.