NOVELPAY Payment Application for Unattended PAX Terminals

Certified as nexo-IS Compliant

We got it!

NOVELPAY has received the CFCF Certificate “nexo-IS POI Payment Application” for PAX unattended terminals series (PAX IM300, PAX IM500, PAX IM700), demonstrating its compliance with nexo standards’ NIS v4.0.

NOVELPAY is the only company that has obtained nexo certification for its solutions for both attended and unattended devices. We are also the only one to obtain certification in accordance with subsequent versions of the standard (nexo IS 3.2 in 2016, now nexo IS 4.0). Now, we have already started certification work for nexo IS 5.0. view our CFCF certificate 


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“Achieving this certification was a key priority for us. This confirms the position of NOVELPAY and PAX as a leader in the global payment market. Now, we can demonstrate the full interoperable and cross-border solution while maintaining a long list of available functions. It also allows for payment processing by any nexo compliant PSP. – said Grzegorz Jaglarski – NOVELPAY’s Vice-President of the Board – on receiving information on successful certification.

By combining the expertise of NOVELPAY’s Android developers with state-of-art Android terminals from PAX Technology, now NOVELPAY’s offer includes FinTech solutions that are cashless, unattended and Android-based while also secure and innovative. 

The nexo standard allows for the wide use of the complete portfolio of our payment solutions across various market segments, such as e.g.: retail, Horeca, SME as well as in consumer services sector, city transport, self-service kiosks and many more. 

These features of NOVELPAY payments are exactly what is needed by clients from some of the fastest-growing market segments such as the vending industry, e-car charging stations, unattended convenience stores or deliveries.

Jean Paul Hildebrandt – President of NOVELPAY said, “I am most delighted that NOVELPAY continues to be an early adopter and promoter of nexo's standards.”

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