nexo standards founded in 2015 is the non-profit organisation developing universal interoperable payment standards.

nexo memebers are merchants, banks, acquirers, card schemes, vendors, integrators.

The organization already has more than 100 members.

Novelpay is a nexo member and has developed one of the first applications compatible with nexo-IS specification to obtain its certification for PAX Technology terminals already in 2016. The integral part of the solution is a Terminal Management System also compatible with the nexo-TMS protocol.

Implementation of nexo-fast specification and nexo protocols allows reducing operating costs for acquirers and merchants. That means at greater flexibility in the choice of business partners without bearing the cost of integration every-time.

Benefits from adopting nexo are numerous:
  • Acceptance of all types of payment cards
  • Working with different acquirers (multi-acquirer)
  • Support of local standards
  • Universal integration protocol with cash register systems