solutionS for onboard 
sales & payments

smartPOS & smartPAY from NOVELPAY is a versatile solution to handle sales of goods and cash/cashless payments onboard the aircraft.

OUR SOLUTIONS - Flexible & Customisable




  • product scanning and stock managemnt
  • Integrated with caterer’s Back Office system
  • smartPAY included
  • cash payment
  • EMV & PCI certified, secure
  • all major card schemes compliant,
  • DCC, Multicurrency, offline acceptance
  • Per flight/trip reconciliation

easy to integrate into caterer, carrier (or any 3rd party)  application

Our clients 

Our clients include various European airlines, ferry lines and global onboard catering companies.

Smart solutions for onboard services secure for all mobile sales and payments for more than 1200 aircraft around the world.

THE BENEFITS for catering companies, carriers & travellers 

Smart Onboard Solutions from NOVELPAY make the work of the crew easier, provide better service and increase onboard sales profits.  


The central system provides data on the number and type of transactions and optimizes the supply chain and sales processes.  

Integration with the caterer & carrier systems 

Terminals Portfolio
recommended for onboard sales & payments

PAX A920Pro Android SmartPOS Performance & elegance

PAX A920Pro is the upgraded version of the world's best-selling A920 Android SmartPOS mobile payment terminal. 5.5” touchscreen and exceptional Battery (the 5150mAh/3.7V rechargeable) provides comfort and optimal all-day performance. Powered by the fastest of processors to simultaneously run multiple applications under the highest levels of inbuilt payment security. A920Pro can accept any payment from traditional card payments to mobile wallets to QR code transactions.

PAX A920MAX Android SmartPOS
Take it to the MAX

The new PAX flagship product, designed to meet the needs of tech-savvy customers who are looking for the latest technology. Beautifully designed, with larger screen, sleeker form factor, and guiding LED lights at the contactless landing pad, the specifications of the A920MAX have been improved over the best-selling A920 & A920Pro models by including cutting-edge features such as faster internet and data connectivity, making it the perfect device for merchant service providers who intend to stay ahead of the curve.

PAX A910S Android SmartPOS Budget-friendly with breakout performance, the same powerful chip as our best-selling A920Pro

A re-designed version of the current A910, the A910S has been upgrared with the same chipset as the best-selling A920Pro, and is PAX Technology’s most affordable full-blown Android SmartPOS yet.

PAX A960 Android SmartPOS Highperformance in a slim design

The most powerful product in the A-series, The A960 can manage even the most complex business applications. Improved battery ensures safer, greener, and longer lasting. The battery is removable, and delivers an incredible standby time of around 12 days. The A960 can work continuously, doing transactions, for 17 hours, the equivalent of 13 hundred transactions. Epuipped with dual cameras and with the option to add a professional scanner, A960 can be used to accept QR code payments, coupons and scan product images.

PAX A77 Android Smart MiniPOS

PAX A77 is a compact, hand-held terminal to accept payments anywhere & anytime. As Omni-Payment Solution it supports any payment methods, from traditional Chip & PIN or contactless to alternative mobile wallet and QR code transactions. A77 comes packed with professional barcode scanning & camera technology, designed to improve customer service and increase productivity. All-day operations are guaranteed thanks to a powerful 3000mAh battery & unique energy-saving technology.

PAX A6650 The world's first IP67 rated Android SmartPOS PDA

An innovative crossover between portable PDA and payment terminal, the A6650 SmartPOS PDA is IP67 rated, making it completely waterproof, dust-resistant, and extremely ruggedized. It features two separate contactless readers, meaning it can accept both EMV contactless payments as well as SoftPOS transactions.


includes All smartPAY features

Complete end-to-end Point-of-Sale application including:

product database and product scanning

cash/cashless payment acceptance

integration with caterer and carrier system

support from the Back Office system

Separate software life cycles for POS and PAY applications – business changes do not affect payment certifications

Discounts and promotions (predefined) available for all transactions

Split payment

Advanced sales transactions reporting and analytics

PCI DSS certified – fully secure

Unified technology platform

nexo standard compliant 

Transaction processed by selected global acquirer

All major Card schemes accepted


Dynamic Currency Conversion – 100 currencies

Dynamic Currency Conversion – 100 currencies

Multicurrency (processing and settlement in many currencies)

Multimerchant on a single device

Offline acceptance – deferred/offline only authorization

Advanced payment transactions reporting and analytics

Remote Terminal Management System