What to expect when applying for the job in NOVELPAY?

It’s a quick only 5 steps recruitment process.


Have you found our job post? You think it is interesting and your experience meets the position’s requirements. Apply with the recruitment form and send us your CV.

There is no offer for you? Do not worry. We are always open to cooperation with people with a passion for growth. If you want to code and change FinTech industry, write to us at cv@novelpay.pl 

From the very beginning, the recruitment process is conducted by a merit person, usually, you superior – to be.


Congratulations – you’ve qualified for the next step – you will receive an invitation for an online interview. The goal is to get to know each other. The meeting agenda:

  • Our presentation – who we are, how we work, who we are looking for, what projects look like.
  • Your presentation – your experience – projects and your roles. We want to understand what interests and motivates you, what is your plan – where you want to be.
  • Test – we want to evaluate your skills based on your knowledge. It has the form of a conversation: questions and answers.
  • General issues, e.g. financials, a preferred form of employment contract and when you can join the team.

We guarantee that we will provide you with feedback on whether your candidacy has qualified for the next stage within a maximum of 7 days.


We count on long-term cooperation thus we evaluate the candidates in a multidimensional manner. Equally important are hard and soft skills. The level of your professional competencies is assessed by test results.

Finding compliance between the team’s and your work culture is one of the key factors. Finally, we compare the value we expect you will bring to our team with your financial expectations. If there is a match we decide to move forward.


Starting a new job is an important decision. We understand that you can consider different scenarios and analyze the possibilities that exist.

We respect your time – that’s why we will let you know our decision within a maximum of 7 days from the interview.


If we decide pro and invite you to the team – you will present you a job offer with all the details of the conditions of your employment contract.

As soon as you accept our offer, we will prepare a draft contract for you.