As part of operations, Novelpay offers the following services:

PAX payment terminals:

  • Preparation of the terminal for installation at the location, includes such activities as: confectioning terminals, uploading cryptographic keys, uploading software, configuration, testing.
  • Terminal logistics
  • Ongoing monitoring and remote update of the terminal using the proprietary NTMS (Novelpay Terminal Management System)
  • Repairs of the delivered warranty and post-warranty terminals

Implementation of software for PAX Technology terminals:

  • Development project management
  • Software development using agile methodologies – the client receives subsequent versions of the software for inspection and evaluation in agreed periods
  • Software Testing
  • Implementation of level 3 certification tests payment organization (American Express, Diners / Discovery, Mastercard, Visa)
  • Maintenance and software update after delivery

Technical support for partners conducting their own development

– Novelpay itself, being a developer, effectively solves technical problems of its partners using its own experience and based on direct access to the PAX Technology support department
All our services and their scope are tailored to the needs of customers. Based on our experience and know-how, we provide the services you need.