Christmas time is a time of sharing, giving and spreading goodwill. Let’s make it real. 

This year we want to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.

We have allocated the sum we usually use to purchase gifts for our distinguished customers and business partners. This will be your contribution to a reputable charity undertaking that provides relief to Ukrainian citizens tragically affected by the war.

The donation was made to Shelter Ukraine, which aims at providing shelters for Ukrainian civilians, mothers and children, who are either trapped in the bombed cities or seek refuge in other parts of Ukraine when forced to leave their homes.
The organization we have selected is known for cautiously controlling its operating costs through the intense involvement of volunteers. Shelter Ukraine already supported the creation of over 200 shelters and helped nearly 42 thousand civilians.

The results:


We hope that this short description has made you understand why we have chosen to support this project.

We thank you for your support and for accepting our initiative.

If you feel like spreading more goodwill 💙💛➡️check the link⬇️ for information about #shelterukraine