Established nearly 10 years ago by experienced professionals active in the payment industry, NOVELPAY has been strengthening its position as one of the most innovative software houses in the FinTech industry.

Always deployed software 

We do not write “down the drawer”. Applications developed by our team are used daily by several million users around Europe.


International reach

With headquarters in Warsaw and a subsidiary in Paris, NOVELPAY operates across Europe. NOVELPAY operates across Europe. We deliver both local and international projects.

Android platform & PAX Technology

 We are an exclusive distributor of PAX Technology in Poland. PAX with 45 mln devices in 120 countries is one of the most innovative and successful company in the words’ payment industry.

Working with PAX and having access to the complete portfolio of the most innovative payment terminals makes NOVELPAY a leader of payment applications on the ANDROID platform on the Polish market.

R&D team based in Poland

Our developers’ team is the largest R&D group for PAX Android terminals in Europe. With such capacity, NOVELPAY gets to implement the most challenging and the largest projects.

We shape the future of FinTech 

Applications developed by our team are used daily by several million users around Europe. By combining the expertise of our developers with state-of-the-art hardware technology sourced with PAX, NOVELPAY offers Android-based secure payment solutions and VAS dedicated to the needs of the largest payment organizations, to large multilane retailers as well as to SMEs and micro-merchants.

NOVELPAY’s offer matches users’ expectations on various markets such as airlines, retail, convenience stores or service industry as well as for the fastest-growing unattended markets: ticketing&vending industry, e-car charging station, self-service stores or autonomous deliveries.

We are at the forefront of innovation. At NOVELPAY you will work on market standards with a global organization such as NEXO and often participate in pioneering projects in the fast-changing payment industry.



At NOVELPAY you will work with the top experts who by delivering the most innovative applications for payment terminals shape the future of the industry. We use the most up-to-date technologies such as e.g. Kotlin, RxJava or Retrofit.