When joining NOVELPAY, you might expect excellent working conditions, which include:


Jean [Chairman and CEO, co-founder of NOVELPAY, in charge of investor relations and business development]
"We have this huge privilege that, thanks to the diversity, scale and international character of our projects, we have managed to attract and retain real "creme de la creme" of young IT engineers from both Poland and several other countries. While working at NOVELPAY, these gifted developers experience flexibility and lack of pointless formalism - such traits that suit a fast-growing venture. Simultaneously demanding projects related to certification processes, or involving long-term detachments at international customers’ premises, allow for experiencing discipline and organizational behaviour typical of corporate environments.

Our HR turnover is tremendously low, while the atmosphere is that of solid team-spirit rooted in the pursuit of common goals. Such stability translates into great sense of responsibility for the output of performed tasks, which contributes to customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and value creation that benefits all stakeholders. Please join our "club".

Maciek [Android Team Leader] 
"At NOVELPAY, everyone can have a real impact on a project. It is quite a satisfaction as many of them are very innovative. We are lucky to work on software for Android-based payment terminals - which is still a novelty within the industry. There are top industry experts, experienced professionals and entry-level developers in our team - still, it is great to know we all can count on each other".
Ania [Android Developer/ Project Leader] 

“At NOVELPAY I have a sense of autonomy. Working here gives me offers many opportunities for personal growth. Improvement of soft skills, such as team management, is important – it facilitates project management and building relationships with the client. The company also creates space for development in quite narrow areas of expertise, e.g. having to do a task in the area of ​​certification or international payment standards allows one to become an expert with quite a unique knowledge”.

Grzegorz [Vice President, Co-founder of NOVELPAY, responsible for key customer relations]
“NOVELPAY's competitive advantage in the highly challenging electronic payments market resides in the beauty of delivered applications.
Such beauty occurs only when customer's expectations are surpassed. Beauty in an application can only be achieved by a consistent team of gifted individuals who master their art to perfection, and are able to work as one. 
Each team member contributes with such piece of software that he is best at designing. Customer satisfaction counts as much as the joy of team members who have taylored a unique piece of software which truly is like a gem.”. 
Szymon [QA Lead]  
"If you join us as a tester, you will have a lot of opportunities to participate in interesting, innovative projects, you will closely work with our clients - often the top companies on the Polish or/and global market. Testers at NOVELPAY also work closely with developers. They learn from each other and continuously grow within FinTech sector. A variety of projects we undertake is a guarantee that you find the area which suits you best." 
Łukasz [Developer, Project Leader] 
"NOVELPAY is my first job in Fintech. Flexibility and autonomy in the implementation of tasks allow me to combine work and studies. The culture of sharing knowledge and substantive support in projects gives me various opportunities for personal development."
Łukasz [C Team Leader]
"NOVELPAY focuses on innovation. Working here is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of cashless payments projects. I value the chance to work with so many talented people who are open to sharing their knowledge. Being in NOVELPAY few years already, I continuously feel that there are many growth opportunities and individual career paths in the Fintech industry I can follow within this company". 
Jacek [Head of Software Development]  
"I enjoy working at NOVELPAY because we create outstanding solutions. Our projects are pioneering, international and innovative. It is satisfying to see the effects of our work in everyday life. Millions of people are using our solutions when shopping, buying a ticket or travelling around the world. I work with experts from the payment industry who are happy to support others and share their knowledge. We are growing and hiring. We are looking for people to join our team who are ready to take responsibility for their work and willing to learn to achieve a higher level of expertise."