NOVELPAY offers comprehensive solutions (software + unattended terminals from PAX) for the sale of goods and services and payments in self-service machines

Applications developed by our team are used daily by several million users across Europe.

Unattended terminals from PAX are EVA standards compatible.


Our clients include retail, operators for vending, coffee services and ticketing as well as the unattended delivery sector.

International, innovative projects and continuous support for clients in 16 European countries. We work with all 5 the largest European acquirers.

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Terminals Portfolio
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PAX IM30 - Android Smart Unattended

The industry's latest Android self-service ruggedised terminal and the game changer self-service device. A premium, interactive interface that can be integrated into all kiosks and vending machines. PAX IM30 is designed to increase sales, implement security, and be impervious to environmental damage. It combines all the cool benefits of Android with the robustness of unattended product, so you can generate new revene streams in any self-service enviroment. Easily integrated into all self-service kiosks and meets EVA standards. It is ideal for parking, public transport, petrol stations, Click and Collect, EV-charging, and vending machines. With IM30, the unattended environment becomes SMART. The PAX IM30 acts as the operational center of your self-service kiosk, allowing you to show your customers guides and advertisements directly on the device or, thanks to the HDMI port, on a secondary screen while handling all kinds of payments. PAX IM30 helps you transforming your existing self-service system into an interactive point of sale to generate new revenue streams.
IM30 is certified with industry's latest safety standards to support contactless, QR code and mobile payments, as well as magstripe and Chip & PIN.<br>

PAX IM 300/500/700 - Unattended All-in-One Payment Module

PAX IM series fulfils the requirement for a complete unattended solution. With exceptional durability and performance, the IM series is the perfect choice for an unattended and self-service payment environment. Easy-to-mount complete solution: unattended PINPAD IM300 + Unattended Hybrid Secure Card Reader IM500 + Unattended Contactless Reader - IM700.

PAX SK 700 - FLEXIBLE Smart Kiosk

PAX SK700 is the newest SK series Android self-service kiosk. As with all devices in the SK-Series, the SK700 is an easy-to-mount self-service kiosk solution.
Unlike the other products in the series, it doesn't have a payment module. It is designed to be paired with PAX IM30 to offer the same seamless payment experience.
It has a 5MP front camera, a fast thermal printer and a 21.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 Pixels HD anti-vandalism touchscreen. With the Android platform, it is easy to install relevant VAS apps to help customers place their orders, effectively offer up-selling and allow them to pay using their preferred payment option. Excellent solution for: retail, HoReCa, parking solutions, vending and public transport as well as for EV chargers or traditional self-service gas stations.
It is certified with the industry's latest safety standards to support contactless, QR code and mobile payments, as well as magstripe and Chip & PIN.

PAX IM15 - AFFORDABLE Unattended - Prolin, ANDROID coming soon

Compact, cost-effective unattended payment terminal packed with the latest technology including cameras & sensors, vivid anti-glare display, advanced communications connectivity and support for PIN on Glass. The IM15 fits into existing EVA cut-outs, and can be deployed in both a landscape-display or portrait-display perspective.

PAX IM10 - An Unattended Payment Terminal, Just for Contactless and Mobile Payments

PAX IM10 was designed for low-value self-service transactions. It allows for fast and easy reading of any type of QR or barcode. The 2.8-inch HD touch screen is perfect for single-hand use and provides you with vivid images and an excellent interaction experience.

PAX IM20 - AVANT-GARDE unattended vending

PAX IM20 is much more than a simple transaction terminal. IM20 is a complete communication interface, where all your customers’ transactional needs can be met in one place. IM20 unattended payment solution is certified with industry's latest safety standards to support contactless, QR code and mobile payments, as well as magstripe and Chip & PIN

PAX SK800 - STANDALONE Smart Kiosk

PAX SK800 is an easy-to-mount self-service kiosk solution with fully integrated payment, inbuilt cameras, audio input, a hybrid card reader for chip & magstripe payments, NFC contactless and QR code readers, and a fast thermal printer. The SK800 has a 23.8-inch, 1920 x 1080 Pixels HD anti-vandalism touchscreen. The SK-Series of Smart kiosks serve a variety of unattended use cases including ordering at restaurants, ticketing, hospitality self-service, and entertainment self-service.